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Downtown Asheville {Asheville, NC Senior Photographers}
June 25, 2015
Downtown Asheville {Asheville, NC Senior Photographers}

So I've been in a great blogging groove lately.  I have been pre-blogging like mad.  I thought it might be really cool if I could finally get all of my Class of 2015 sessions shared with all of you, my lovely readers.  You see, once school let out here in Henderson County, my schedule went completely mad!  I'm talking shooting 4-6 sessions every week this summer.  Plus a couple of road trips thrown in the mix.  I know that there won't be much time for blogging now that these summer sessions have started, so I did my best to get lots of posts pre-scheduled.I don't know what took me so long to introduce you to Jamie.  Class of 2015 West ...

Rainy Day Senior Pictures {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographers}
June 14, 2015
Downtown Asheville {Asheville, NC Senior Photographers}

Today I'd like to introduce you to Ashley.  She was one of my Class of 2015 West Henderson High School seniors.We started her session one day in June on the streets of downtown Hendersonville. We only managed to get about half way through her session before the rain came.As you can see, we tried to work with and wait out the rain, but in the end, Mother Nature won.Imagine my surprise and delight when Ashley pulled out this super cute umbrella that just happened to match her Lilly Pullitzer dress.How adorable is she? The second time we got together to finish up her summer session, we decided to meet at the Carl Sandburg home.  I have to admit, I wasn't too disappointed ...

#BMPORIGINALS {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographer}
June 11, 2015
Downtown Asheville {Asheville, NC Senior Photographers}

Well, that's a wrap.  The first year of my senior model program is in the books.  I met up with my Class of 2015 senior models on Sunday evening, 5 days before their graduation, for our final group shoot.  A cap & gown and college t-shirt shoot.  I was so excited to see every one show up for this shoot.  We got to finish out our year together exactly as we started it.  Everyone together for a fun group shoot!It was so fun to see everyone together happy and celebrating the fact that they are about to graduate from high school and begin the next exciting chapter of their lives.The first year of this senior model program was so great.  Lots of fun, ...

Senior Guys Need Senior Pictures Too! {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographer}
March 15, 2015
Downtown Asheville {Asheville, NC Senior Photographers}

Today I have a senior guy to share with you!Marshall is a Class of 2015 senior at West Henderson High School.He came to his session super excited about having his senior pictures taken.NO, not really!  He showed up because his mom made him.  As is the case with most senior guys.We hung out at Fletcher Park shooting his pictures.  He fully intended on showing up and allowing me to take one picture of him.  He was shocked when I said "Let's go and find another shooting spot."  He tried to give me a bit of a hard time and act like he wasn't going to have any part of this session of taking 20 or so pictures of him.  But he didn't scare me!  :o) I just ...

West Henderson High School Senior Portraits
March 11, 2015
Downtown Asheville {Asheville, NC Senior Photographers}

Today I'd like to introduce you to another of my Class of 2015 Billie Mitchell Photography Senior Models, Becca.We had so much fun shooting her senior portrait session.  She really wanted some of her pictures to be in a field of tall grass swaying in the breeze, so she found this field in Candler near her grandparents.  But then when we arrived for the actual session, the field had been mowed.  :o(  She was terribly disappointed of course.  But, we ended up making the best of it and still creating some stunning portraits for her.  This is one of my favs from that field.We also found this perfect little red barn at her grandparents house. We both loved all ...