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Flower Senior Sesssion {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographers}
November 01, 2015
Flower Senior Sesssion {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographers}

Happy November everyone!  I hope you had a safe & fun Halloween.  We ended up trick or treating 3 different times.  Downtown Hendersonville, in our neighborhood, and then at the Hoopla event put on by Biltmore Baptist.  Peyton had a ball!!!I'm so excited to finally get to share this session with you today!  This was a session that I shot over the summer for one of my #bmpseniormodels. Kaila is a class of 2016 senior from North Henderson High School.  I'm really hoping these images portray to you her absolutely beautiful personality!When we got together for her pre-session consult, she told me that she wanted to shoot at the North Carolina ...

Apple Ambassador {Henderson County, NC}
October 14, 2015
Flower Senior Sesssion {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographers}

So do you remember that time a few weeks ago when rain and storms rolled into Hendersonville every afternoon when I was supposed to be shooting?  I guarantee you Kayce remembers that lovely weather we had for several weeks since this poor girls session was rained out three different times.  There is just something about Kayce + Me + My Camera that ='s RAIN!!!  Even back in late June when we were supposed to shoot our 4th of July senior model shoot at Kayce's house, we were rained out two different times.  But luckily we eventually ended up with the PERFECT autumn day for Kayce's senior portraits!Please allow me to introduce to you a North Henderson High School 2016 ...

Me Time {Personal}
October 12, 2015
Flower Senior Sesssion {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographers}

The other day I was sitting and chatting with my hair stylist, Katie, which happens MAYBE 2 times a year if I'm lucky.  We were talking about all sorts of life stuff when we came across the topic of how I love interior design.  I was telling her how I wanted to go to school for interior design after high school, but was not able to.  And how somewhere along the line I figured out that I still love home decorating.  My husband and I love doing DIY projects around our home, even though we NEVER have the time to devote to it, and how I also figured out a few years ago that it's ok to decorate my house exactly the way we like it.  Even if that means our ...

Just Be Yourself {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographer}
August 09, 2015
Flower Senior Sesssion {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographers}

I was so excited to finally get to show Sally her senior portraits today!  As you may already know, I was out of commission for an entire month this summer with some neck issues.  I have been planning and looking so forward to this summer and finally getting all of my amazing senior models in front of my camera, and then everything came to a screeching halt!  We started shooting the very first Monday after school let out!  I managed to shoot several sessions during those last couple of weeks of June before my neck gave out on me and landed me in bed for 4 weeks.  Sadly the girls that I did shoot in June have had to wait on me to get better to schedule their reveal ...

#BMPORIGINALS {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographer}
June 11, 2015
Flower Senior Sesssion {Hendersonville, NC Senior Photographers}

Well, that's a wrap.  The first year of my senior model program is in the books.  I met up with my Class of 2015 senior models on Sunday evening, 5 days before their graduation, for our final group shoot.  A cap & gown and college t-shirt shoot.  I was so excited to see every one show up for this shoot.  We got to finish out our year together exactly as we started it.  Everyone together for a fun group shoot!It was so fun to see everyone together happy and celebrating the fact that they are about to graduate from high school and begin the next exciting chapter of their lives.The first year of this senior model program was so great.  Lots of fun, ...