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North Henderson Prom {Hendersonville, NC Photographers}
May 24, 2015
North Henderson Prom {Hendersonville, NC Photographers}

 Throwback to prom a couple of weeks ago.  Please allow me to share this sweet couple with you.  Brittany & Trevor went to their first prom together at North Henderson High School on a beautiful Saturday evening in early May.  As you may already know, Brittany is one of my Class of 2015 Senior Models.  And Trevor, he is like my 4th son.  I love them both to pieces and am so happy that I got to spend a teeny bit of time with them on their prom evening.First, I thought I'd share Brittany's fav picture.I decided to have a little fun with a couple of their pictures and added some fun sparkler affects!I'm kind of loving how they turned out!  Any guess ...

McDowell High School Prom {Marion, NC Photographers}
May 21, 2015
North Henderson Prom {Hendersonville, NC Photographers}

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor and pleasure of shooting lots of prom portraits.  Today I want to share with you a fun group of prom goers from McDowell High School.  I had the opportunity to photograph this group of girls for their prom last year, and then also during a BFF session last fall.  They are always such a joy to work with.  This time was no exception.  Nothing like grabbing a big group of people and trying to photograph all of them in a very short time frame before their dinner reservations.  But I have to admit, they do make it pretty easy to make them look absolutely amazing in their images.  I mean look at them.  There is so ...