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Only physically there... { Hendersonville NC Photographer}
May 05, 2016
Only physically there... { Hendersonville NC Photographer}

It was a chilly October evening when I realized, “Oh my gosh! What happened? This can't be happening already!” It was senior night for my oldest son. I suddenly realized that I had missed the majority of his senior games. The games where he was getting to play football again, the game that he is so very passionate about, after he had to sit out the previous season due to medical reasons. The football season that we were so very grateful for when he was released to play again. There is just something about watching your child do something that they are so very passionate about. Something that makes him so very happy. And yet somehow, I had missed it. I made the very real ...

Me Time {Personal}
October 12, 2015
Only physically there... { Hendersonville NC Photographer}

The other day I was sitting and chatting with my hair stylist, Katie, which happens MAYBE 2 times a year if I'm lucky.  We were talking about all sorts of life stuff when we came across the topic of how I love interior design.  I was telling her how I wanted to go to school for interior design after high school, but was not able to.  And how somewhere along the line I figured out that I still love home decorating.  My husband and I love doing DIY projects around our home, even though we NEVER have the time to devote to it, and how I also figured out a few years ago that it's ok to decorate my house exactly the way we like it.  Even if that means our ...