Apple Ambassador {Henderson County, NC}
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October 14, 2015
By Billie Mitchell
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So do you remember that time a few weeks ago when rain and storms rolled into Hendersonville every afternoon when I was supposed to be shooting?  I guarantee you Kayce remembers that lovely weather we had for several weeks since this poor girls session was rained out three different times.  There is just something about Kayce + Me + My Camera that ='s RAIN!!!  Even back in late June when we were supposed to shoot our 4th of July senior model shoot at Kayce's house, we were rained out two different times.  But luckily we eventually ended up with the PERFECT autumn day for Kayce's senior portraits!

Please allow me to introduce to you a North Henderson High School 2016 senior, and the 2015 North Carolina Apple Festival Apple Ambassador, Kayce Lancaster!

I would assume that being the Apple Ambassador would be second nature for Kayce since she has grown up on an apple farm.  Her family owns Grandad's Apples N' Such on Chimney Rock Rd in Hendersonville.  Which is an amazing place by the way!  You should totally stop by there.  Don't forget to try their doughnuts too while you are there getting your apples and pumpkins.  :)

I always say that I believe that everything happens for a reason.  I believe that we were rained out so many times because eventually we were going to be given the most PERFECT fall day for Kayce's senior pictures.  And since she lives on an apple farm, we decided to shoot the majority of her session on her family property.  Combine a gorgeous day with a beautiful apple farm and you get some amazing photographs.

I do realize that this tube is meant for children to play in, but oh. my. goodness, would you just look how perfect it is for portraits too!

That warm, glowy light streaming through there is to die for.

I know Kayce has probably had her pictures taken in these apple orchards a million different times throughout her life, but we had to do it one more time anyway!  That red dress is just perfect on her too!  LOVE IT!


Location and outfit change for the final look of the evening for Kayce.  So pretty.  And she nailed the soft smile and no smile look.  Not everyone can do that.  Probably because I can be a little hyper and crazy during my shoots, and people can't just turn on the serious after we have been doing nothing but laughing and goofing off for the last hour or two.  :)



We ended up using every last drop of beautiful daylight that we were given.  When I walked around the corner of the house at this final location, I was greeted with this view.  When we first got there, the sun was starting to get low in the sky, but the sky was still blue with a couple of little gray clouds.  We grabbed a couple of shots, but I knew were could get something even better.  So I asked Kayce how she felt about standing around for a little bit to see what the sunset would give us.  She of course agreed and we were rewarded with these gorgeous purple and pink colors. 

And last but not least, a quick (not great), iPhone shot of Kayce's Gallery Wall.  Four of their fav photos printed on gallery wrap canvas. 



Have you booked your senior portraits yet?  I'm currently booking senior portraits in November, December and Jaunary.  Shoot me an email to receive my Class of 2016 Senior Magazine with everything you could ever want to know about my senior portrait experience.

billie at billiemitchell dot com



Love you lots Kayce!  Thanks for all the fun!

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